Facility Protection Monitor FPM 8000

Designed in conjunction with Department of Defense and various other interested agencies to protect people and assets from CWA’s and TIC’s.

Source; Homeland Security
“The 1995 sarin attack on the Tokyo subway proves that fabrication and use of chemical weapons by non-state groups is possible. Twelve people died and more than 5,000 were injured“

Control Equipment Global leaders in gas detection since 1977

“The Control Equipment Group of Companies announces the release of the FPM 8000 Facility Protection Monitor. Incorporated in one instrument is the ability to detect and quantify 17 of the most prominent and dangerous chemical warfare agents and toxic industrial compounds used in terrorist attacks. The sensor for the Facility Protection Monitor was developed by the renowned and respected US Research and Development Company SRD Technologies Inc. over many years of research in collaboration with various US Government Agencies. The FPM 8000 is designed to be mounted either permanently or temporarily in strategic locations and transmit path wirelessly to a central monitoring station which itself can be permanent or mobile. The heart of the instrument is the intelligent Nano Array Sensor (iNAS) which senses gases and maps their signature against the threat gases. This results in a very stable output with no false alarms. The instrument offers highly reliable operation over a long lifespan with no maintenance requirement other than periodic calibration checks.”